Accepts you as you are 接受原本的你  

Believes in "you" 相信你這個人 

Calls you just to say "Hi" 打電話給你就是想說聲"嗨" 

Doesn't give up on you 從不放棄對你的信心 

Envisions the whole of you 預期你總是盡全力 

Forgives your mistakes 原諒你的過錯 

Gives unconditionally 無條件原諒 

Helps you 幫助你 

Invites you over 邀請你 

Just "be" with you 靜靜地在你的身旁 

Keeps you close at heart 靠近你的心 

Loves you for who you are 因你原來的樣子而愛你 

Makes a difference in your life 使你的生活與以往不同 

Never judges 從不瞎評論(你) 

Offers support 支持你 


Picks you up 扶你一把 

Quiets your fears 止息你的懼怕 

Raises your spirits 鼓舞你的心靈 

Says nice things about you 跟別人述說你好的那一面 

Tells you the truth when you need to hear it 當需要時會告訴你實情 

Understands you 懂你 

Values you 看重你 

Walks beside you 與你同行 

X-plain things you don't understand 解你的疑惑 

Yells when you won't listen and 在你聽不下時會大吼一下 

Zaps you back to reality 把你拉回現實!



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